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About Me


My name is Jodie Paterson and I run The Travelling Writer alongside my other blog: JodiePaterson.com. I've been in the blogging game for over 4 years now, but have only stuck to specific niches and taken it more seriously for around 2 years. In those 2 years my audience has grown significantly and I have too (as a person...). This blog will be about my adventures around the world as I discover new places and meet new people, I also aim to share advice for people visiting the same places. 

You can find me in a few other places on the internet, the aforementioned other blog being the most prominent, but you can also find me at Modern Trekker where I write travel articles along with some other talented travel writers. 

Currently based in Aberdeen, I am anticipating a move to Edinburgh in August. Seeing as I have lived in Aberdeen my whole life I am excited to start my new journey and bring you along with me!

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