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How To Book The Cheapest Flights For Your Holiday

The most frustrating part of a lot of holidays is realising that your flights are going to cost you a lot more than you expected and the cost takes over the majority of your budget meaning you have to scrimp and save on every other part of the holiday, including your accommodation. I've already written about saving money on your holiday, but I haven't written about how to book affordable flights because I wanted to do some proper research on it before giving advice.

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Find The Cheapest Day To Fly Out
Often you'll find that flight prices increase because you're flying out on a high demand day so they can afford to put their prices up, generally weekdays are cheaper, but that isn't always the case. The best way to compare prices for around your travel time is to get an overview of prices for the whole month. You can do this using Skyscanner all you have to do is, when picking the dates, choose "whole month" instead of a specific date. You can also downlaod the Skyscanner app on your phone and do this. Google Flights also works similarly to Skyscanner.

Use An Incognito Tab
This is probably the most important rule for booking holidays. You know cookies? They are tracking what you've been looking up and flight booking sites will raise their prices for you if they see that you want to book a holiday. By using an incognito tab you can eliminate them tracking your searches and still see the cheapest options available. If you want a new search without cookies tracking you, just close your current incognito tab and open a new one to start a fresh.

Book Connecting Flights Yourself
Do you own research! If you're travelling somewhere that involves a connecting flight don't rely on the airlines to book the best or cheapest option, look it up yourself and find the best and most affordable option for you. Even if it means you having to wait an hour or two longer, it will help you cut costs and overall help you have a nicer holiday with more money to spend on yourself (and gifts for your friends...)

Be Willing To Go Anywhere
If you have your heart set on somewhere, but are finding the flights are just a bit above your price range, look further down your travel bucket list and pick somewhere else. There is no reason you shouldn't enjoy a holiday just because your original destination worked out too much. If you're a little flexible you can book the most affordable flights possible and even get another holiday later on in the year.

Book Direct
I always book directly through the airline as it often works out cheaper overall. Sites like Expedia work as an agent rather than Skyscanner which works as a search engine, so you're better off searching through Skyscanner and booking with the actual airline than booking through Expedia. Not only do you get better deals, but the cancellation fees etc. often end up being cheaper as well.

Book In Advance
This can be hard for last-minute travellers, but booking in advance can save you a lot of money. As availability seeps down and down, the prices will go up and up so booking as early as possible will make it easier for you to save money and you won't end up disappointed.

Check Prices For One Person First
If you're travelling with other people be aware that airlines can sometimes put prices up if you're booking several seats at once. Do the maths: if you search for one ticket make sure that it all adds up when you search for a few. If it ends up as more try again, or a different airline, or consider booking the tickets separately.


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