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My Experience in City Hub Rotterdam

So our trip to Rotterdam didn't go 100% to plan, and we actually ended up in Rotterdam a day earlier in planned from The Hague so we had to book last minute accommodation for the night and boy did we absolutely luck out with what we booked. We managed to book CityHub Rotterdam which is a somewhat futuristic hostel that makes everyone feel welcome. I would definitely recommend a stay here if you're in Amsterdam or Rotterdam because I've never felt so comfortable in a hostel before. And it's not just the hostel itself, but the way it is run and the "hosts" employed to keep everything running smoothly.

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly woman who not only helped us through the process of signing in to CityHub, but also gave us advice of places to go around the area. I have to say that this is the best welcome I have ever had to a hostel or a hotel in my 22 years on this earth. You are greeted like an old friend despite never having visited before and it's so great to be made to feel at home, especially when you're not at home and might be feeling homesick. 

The Room
I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the outside of the pods, I was kind of expecting to be cramped and claustrophobic. I can guarantee that it really wasn't like that at all. There is quite a large bed provided and storage space for your luggage. (apologies for my horrific quality of photos, I was on holiday and didn't want to lug my big camera around).

What really excited me, though, was the built in bluetooth speakers and the lights at the side of the bed that I could control with my phone (yes, I did play about and send videos to my mum...). The only thing I would say is that there didn't seem to be much ventilation so the room got really hot during the night, but other than that we had absolutely no complaints at all.

The Bathroom
We had access to a shared toilet and shower room. I found these to always be clean and working well. I loved the shower because it was nice and hot and had a steady flow of water, which in some hostels can be hard to find. So I have absolutely no complaints about the bathrooms either. I even met a couple of people doing their makeup and had a chat - the thing I love most about hostels.

The Hangout
Once again, we were made to feel very welcome in the hangout area of the hostel. They have a really great system where you can scan your wristband (also your key) and get yourself a beer, or a coffee without the hassle of raking for euros. Your account is charged, but you can enjoy a nice drink in the hostel and hangout with friends. I was always made to feel welcome in these areas.

If you're heading to Rotterdam this is absolutely the place to stay. It's near De Witte Aap which is my all time favourite bar now. The street in general is one I fell in love with and is definitely worth a visit even if you aren't staying there. 

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