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I Am Heading To #Traverse18

Photo taken from http://www.traverse-events.com/conferences/traverse-18-rotterdam/conference-schedule/
Yup. That's right. My next trip will be for a bloggers conference and I am soooooooooo excited as I've never been to one before, I am heading to Rotterdam for Traverse 18 and can't wait to meet new people, gain new experiences and attend my first every bloggers conference. The icing on the cake is that it's in Rotterdam. Not only am I getting to attend my first ever bloggers conference, but I am also getting to visit a new city in the process. I am super excited, so why am I absolutely bricking it?

Well it's because I'm attending the conference by myself and I am absolutely rubbish at "mingling" *shudders at the thought* as a naturally shy person I tend to avoid starting conversations at all costs and wait for other to approach me which is going to make this conference difficult for me. If anyone reading this is also attending, please message me as I'd love to have a friendly face when I am there, at least for the first day if not a new friend. I've even ordered myself business card for the conference for anyone that I do meet. I'm secretly hoping this trip gives me the confidence I need to mingle with no worries at all.

I'm also looking forward to a whole weekend of learning and bettering myself and my skills as a lifestyle and travel blogger. Although this blog is fairly new, my other blog has been running for over 4 years now and I truly hope that both of my blogs will continue to run for many more years and be successful in the future. I am hoping that conferences such as these will help me become a better blogger in general, as I often feel I am lacking in many ways. But hey, as I travel more I will get more content for this blog.

The fun thing for me is that my partner is coming with me and we are heading to The Hague and Bruges before arriving in Rotterdam, so I imagine I will have LOADS of photos to share after my trip is over and as always top tips for eating abroad as a vegetarian, plus a buttload of fun. I am so psyched to be travelling again so soon after my Dublin trip and incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to travel as much as I do.

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