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How To Save Money On A Holiday

I've said it before on this blog, and I'll probably say it again. Holidays are SOOOOO expensive and, I'm not sure about you but, I constantly find myself doing extra research before any holiday in how to do it as absolutely cheaply as possible! Below I share my top tips to having as low cost of a holiday as is possible.

Side Note: This is from my own personal experience travelling without children. Although I share some tips for families travelling I can't speak from experience of that myself. You're probably better checking out posts like this: https://www.mumsnet.com/family-money/8-ways-to-save-money-on-family-holidays

So without further ado, here are my tips for saving money on a holiday:

Don't check a bag
Use the free option and only take a carry on case, it's there so take advantage of it instead of paying extra fees to check your bag in. You can actually fit a lot more in to cabin bags than you realise. This will also help you ration on clothes and help you take only the absolute essentials with you.

Don't book a seat
Chances are you won't be separated anyway and the fees just seem to rise each year. I suppose if you have children you'll want to make sure you're beside them, but if not then I think even if you do get separated you can cope for a couple of hours being seated apart when you have a whole holiday together.

Eat Like a Local
Steer clear of the tourist areas, eat like a local and you'll have a much cheaper holiday. Restaurants in tourist areas take advantage of holiday makers and will overcharge you for anything they can. If you find a nice local place to grab a bite or buy from local shops, you'll be paying the same as the locals and will feel less ripped off.

Breakfast included? Stock up!
Eat loads at breakfast so you can skip out lunch. 9 times out of 10 your breakfast will be included and when it is I tend to eat as much as humanly possible so I won't be hungry again for hours. I often take a bit of bread or a fine piece in my bag as well, just in case I get hungry throughout the day.

Book in Advance
You're more likely to get the best deals if you book in advance online for trips, excursions, trains etc. It also means that when you're there, you have more money to spend on food and drink rather than admission fees. 

Pick an Off Peak Time to Travel
This one is obvious, but avoid school holiday times when travelling. Travel companies, airlines and hotels hike their prices right up because they know they can. I often travel in May or November when everything seems to be cheaper.

Consider Indirect Flights
No, it's not convenient, but it can be a real money saver. What's a couple of hours waiting for another flight when you've saved £200? It's an experience to say the least and at least you'll get to the same destination in the end.

Use An Incognito Tab
Websites store browsing details meaning that if you are looking on many different websites for holiday deals the prices will rise if you go back to it because they know that no matter what you WANT a holiday. Take back control and incognito that shiz.

Arrange Your Own Excursions
Want to see the sights? Save money by taking a map and working out public transport routes instead of booking yourself in to a tour because they can be pricey. This way you can also do it at your own pace which works better for a lot of people.

Buy A Travel Pass
If you're planning on travelling far in cities and using their public transport I recommend getting a day or week pass rather than paying individual fares each time. You'll find that even in your home town these are designed to be cheaper for us.

Use Your Age
If you're over 65 or still a student use it. A lot of cities will give you free or discounted entry in to museums, zoos and other attractions. Don't be afraid to play the age card because it could make your trip considerably cheaper.

Search For The Best Insurance Deals
Every airline or company you book with will offer you insurance as part of your deal, but they are likely to be more expensive than the deals you find by yourself. They know that you'll want a quick booking and as little hassle as possible so will charge you more. 

Drink Free Water
When you're out and about take advantage of the free stuff available. Fill up your water bottle when leaving your accommodation so you won't have to buy yourself a drink half way through the day. A lot of places even have water fountains you should look out for to top up throughout the day.


  1. I take a lot of short trips in support of my beer blog and I find that, for a 3 day trip, I can fir everything I need into a backpack, thus saving the $25 each way charge for taking a carry on. This, and the other suggestions you make, can make a difference in travel costs!

    1. That's really good advice! It's true that shorter trips probably don't need more than a backback

  2. Traveling off-season is one of the top recommendations to save on travels! I see it especially here in Italy where prices sky-rocket around half June till half September...

    1. Yeah the prices go insane. It's because they know they can get away with it because people are desperate for holidays.

  3. Using an incognito tab is such a brilliant idea! Definitely going to use that before booking another vacation in the future. Great tips!

    1. Yeah, I swear by this one. Otherwise I notice that prices rise in minutes because they are tracking your browser history!

  4. A lot of great tips. One if my favorite activities to do while traveling is to walk around the downtown area and window shop. It’s a great way to get familiar with the town and it’s completelt free!

    1. I do that too. It's great for getting a feel for the place you're staying at no extra cost to you.