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Great Date Ideas if You're in Glasgow

Dating is hard. Like soooo hard, never mind if you can't find places to actually take your date to. That's what I found hardest when I first met my partner, on our first date I even got kicked out of a pub when I forgot my ID. With this in mind my partner and I often find nice places to go on dates when we are travelling around that I'd like to recommend to people, most recently Glasgow. So if you're travelling to Glasgow on a romantic getaway any time soon or looking to start dating in Glasgow then this is the article for you and you can find my date ideas below.

If you haven't been here yet, you need to get yourself there. It's on Argyle street and has a cozy, romantic feel to it. The staff are really friendly, the food is phenomenal and your date will not be disappointed. It's also really great for those inevitable date nerves because it's laid out kind of like a bar so you are sitting next to other people meaning you can chat to others there as well as your date if things get a little awkward or uncomfortable. 

Glasgow's gallery of modern art is great if you're looking for something a little more active and cultural. This is great for afternoon dates or it opens late on a Thursday closing at 8pm, and is free of charge to get in so you could double it up with drinks or a meal after. Holding art from both international and local artists this is a really nice place for Glasgow dating and can help with conversations starters.

Kelvingrove Park
On a sunny (or not raining...) day you can pack a picnic and head over to Kelvingrove Park, or take a walk there. It could be a nice meeting point for a walk before heading in for a coffee or a drink but it is a really nice area you can use to your advantage for dates. What's more romantic than a picnic? I am sure many Glasgow singles meet their dates here.

The Stand
This is a comedy club in Glasgow and is the perfect place for a first date. It helps you scope out their sense of humour and there will be breaks where you can talk to your date. It's a good date location if you're travelling as well because sometimes if you've been travelling all day all you want to do is relax and talking can feel like too much.

Riddle Rooms
Check out Glasgow's escape rooms. These are so much fun, especially for double dates. It let's you get closer to your partner and maybe even see them in a different light. A great way to bond with your partner or have fun on a double date. You can pick different difficulty levels and it's fun whether you break out or not.

If you're looking to find a date in the UK head over to match me happy. This is a dating website and even has a blog with tips for your dates. I highly recommend giving it a try.

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