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Great Date Ideas if You're In Aberdeen

This post is part of a series where I give you advice on where to take your lucky date. Finding places to go on dates can be so hard because it's not just about finding something you'll enjoy, but also something your date would enjoy. A city like Aberdeen can seem bleak and rather unromantic to outside eyes, but trust me this isn't necessarily the case. As a local I can help you find the romantic locations for dates in and around Aberdeen. Since I have been dating in Aberdeen since I met my partner I've had plenty of time to scope out the great locations. If you're looking for date ideas when travelling then please read my list below.

The Beach
This is a classic romantic location for a date and a staple for Aberdeen dating past and present. The great thing about going to the beach is that you don't just get breathtaking views, you also get a number of restaurants, ice cream places, bowling and the arcades. A great place to take a prospective partner. I'd personally recommend going for the sunset because you can get beautiful photos and it's the perfect excuse for a kiss!

A Spanish tapas place that, although it is a franchise, is probably the best place to take a date for a meal. There is food for everyone, vegetarian, vegan, meat eaters and it's delicious. It has quite a relaxed vibe, without losing the whole "date vibe" so I'd suggest it if you're looking to make things a little more serious without intimidating your date. It's a popular location with Aberdeen singles.

A quiet and intimate, family owned, Italian restaurant. I think this is probably better for an already established relationship because it's a place you'd treat your partner to rather than take a new date as it might come across as quite intimidating for them and full on. Personally I'd go here for an anniversary dinner or a special occasion because it feels more romantic than chain restaurants.

I mentioned this in my last post as well, but breakout games are a great way to bond with your date and for going on a double date. You'll have a good laugh whether you manage to break out or not and you'll get to show off your smarts for your date. The staff at these things are always really friendly and help you out if you're struggling to make it as fun as possible for you.

Falls Of Feugh
If you're looking to get out of Aberdeen for a little romantic road trip I recommend The Falls Of Feugh in Banchory. It's got a cute little restaurant, loads of parking and the beautiful bridge where you can see the salmon jumping up the river. This is a really lovely spot for photos and romantic day trips.

I'd pick this for a first date. It's cool, casual and dog friendly. There is a really relaxed atmosphere at The Craftsman so you can stay as long as you want without feeling like they want you to leave. They have a wide selection of beers, soft drinks and coffees so you'll be spoiled for choice. This is a regular for me and my partner.

A bar with food, retro games, pool, ping pong and bowling. No matter who you're with there is something they will want to do. This can be a fantastic ice breaker on dates. Can they bowl? Do they make cute faces when they are concentrating? What do they like to drink? This is definitely a first date kinda place where you can get to know your amour.

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