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My Trip To Rotterdam In Photos

I attended a bloggers conference called Traverse in Rotterdam (#Traverse18) which meant that I got a chance to discover the city a little bit. Below are my photos from the trip and I have to say that I will definitely be visiting this wonderful and vibrant city again in the future because I had such a good time discovering the best bars and cafes.

My Trip To The Hague In Photos

Although I didn't get to spend very much time in The Hague, the time I did spend there was pleasant and I absolutely fell in love with the place. My top photo is actually from Schipol, but it was on my journey to The Hague so I figure that it still counts as a photo from my trip. So I had one day in The Hague before heading off to Rotterdam for a bloggers conference and you can find the journey in picture below. More posts to come very very soon. :) Enjoy for now. 

Great Date Ideas if You're In Oxfordshire

This is part of a series where I talk about great places you can go on dates in different cities over a series of posts. In this addition I want to talk about great date ideas if you're in Oxfordshire. Although I'm not overly familiar with the area I do think that Oxfordshire is a great place for dates due to it's history and it's beauty, you can find some really romantic places to rendevouz. So below you can find your guide to dating in Oxfordshire for Oxfordshire singles and travellers alike.

Great Date Ideas if You're In Aberdeen

This post is part of a series where I give you advice on where to take your lucky date. Finding places to go on dates can be so hard because it's not just about finding something you'll enjoy, but also something your date would enjoy. A city like Aberdeen can seem bleak and rather unromantic to outside eyes, but trust me this isn't necessarily the case. As a local I can help you find the romantic locations for dates in and around Aberdeen. Since I have been dating in Aberdeen since I met my partner I've had plenty of time to scope out the great locations. If you're looking for date ideas when travelling then please read my list below.

Great Date Ideas if You're in Glasgow

Dating is hard. Like soooo hard, never mind if you can't find places to actually take your date to. That's what I found hardest when I first met my partner, on our first date I even got kicked out of a pub when I forgot my ID. With this in mind my partner and I often find nice places to go on dates when we are travelling around that I'd like to recommend to people, most recently Glasgow. So if you're travelling to Glasgow on a romantic getaway any time soon or looking to start dating in Glasgow then this is the article for you and you can find my date ideas below.

I Am Heading To #Traverse18

Photo taken from http://www.traverse-events.com/conferences/traverse-18-rotterdam/conference-schedule/
Yup. That's right. My next trip will be for a bloggers conference and I am soooooooooo excited as I've never been to one before, I am heading to Rotterdam for Traverse 18 and can't wait to meet new people, gain new experiences and attend my first every bloggers conference. The icing on the cake is that it's in Rotterdam. Not only am I getting to attend my first ever bloggers conference, but I am also getting to visit a new city in the process. I am super excited, so why am I absolutely bricking it?