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Why I Love Edinburgh

As I sit here in a trusty old Wetherspoons looking out on to the castle in the city of Edinburgh, I am reminded of why I love it here. It's a city that embraces it's history and the reputation that it's built. Edinburgh knows what it is and plays on that rather than trying to shape itself in to something it isn't. It invites you in no matter who you are and encourages you to embrace your own skills and personality. It's a confident and bright city that makes it inviting to tourists and locals alike, tourists coming for the festivals and culture where locals are staying for the creative work and vibes in the city.

I love Edinburgh for the people, the creativity, the architecture and the overall vibe. It's a happy city, which in turn lifts my spirits up. It's a city that doesn't judge you for eating alone in a Wetherpsoons or drinking alone in a coffee shop. It doesn't judge you for dressing like a fairy in the middle of the day and going to the supermarket. It embraces your weird, your eccentricities, your entire personality. It embraces your creativity, or even better than that it cradles it and gives you a platform to share it. It doesn't turn you away for sharing crazy ideas or starting out as a comic, it brings you in and helps you achieve your dreams.

On top of all of that it really is just a wonderfully beautiful city. The buildings, the views, the art. Everywhere you turn in Edinburgh there is another beautiful thing to bestow your eyes upon. It's like a photographers dream boat of beautiful scenery, architecture, bridges etc. so naturally I went absolutely insane when I was there recently and took hundreds of photos of my favourite city. 

I truly recommend you go there on your travels in the UK. There is so much to do there so you won't get bored. If you get a chance, go their during the Edinburgh Fringe and embrace all the creativity going about. You will not regret it. There really isn't much more I can say other than please visit the city. It's great.

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