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Vegetarian Eating in Dublin

In March I took a trip to Dublin, luckily it wasn't my first time there AND it is remarkably similar to Scotland so I was an absolute pro in finding places to eat in Dublin. However I had a mission, when I was 14 (we think) I had this amazing meal that I still say is the finest vegetarian dish I've ever tasted. My mission was to find that restaurant again with only one hint to go on: It was near or in the temple bar area.

I kind of failed on this holiday in that I barely took any photos of my food because I was waaaaay too busy enjoying myself. It was also a very short holiday with my mum who I hadn't seen for months so I didn't really get a chance to settle in the city and feel comfortable doing my blogger thang. However I did eat in some pretty cool and quirky places which I am more than happy to share.

Cedar Tree Restaurant

So our first meal in Dublin was in a Labanese Restaurant. Yup. That's what happens when you roll with a fussy eating veggie (sorry mum). The food was exquisite. I had Fatayer Spinach which was spinach and onions in deep fried pastry with a MASSIVE side salad. I also ordered spiced potatoes which were the highlight of the entire meal. When we were leaving we saw that there was entertainment provided when a lady was dancing in the main restaurant area. In my opinion this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. You can find their website here: http://liuyc722.wixsite.com/-cedar-tree.

The Boxty House

Now remember in the first paragraph when I said I came with a mission. Yup. I found the restaurant! And it was even better than I remember it being. So I had the same meal as I had the last time, a vegetarian Chilli boxty. This looks similar to an enchilada, but it's not. They have a special "boxty pancake" that they make which is a slice of heaven for me. This was the best meal of the entire trip. I would warn that it is more on the expensive side, but my god is it worth it.

In Boxty House we even treated ourselves to a dessert because well, we can. What we ordered was Sticky Toffee Pudding, what came out was a taste sensation. Oh my god was this the best Sticky Toffee Pudding we have EVER eaten. Yes, yes it was. Order it if you're there. Just. Do it. You will have no regrets. You can see their menu on their website: http://boxtyhouse.ie/

The Tram Cafe

This was a surprise find. We were trying to find our way to the leprechaun museum and we stumbled across a cafe that looks like a tram with a sign that said "crepes sold here" and we HAD to go in. It's a really lovely quirky little place for a lunch. Mum and I both had strawberry and cream crepes and they were delicious. The staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable.

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