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Why I Love Edinburgh

As I sit here in a trusty old Wetherspoons looking out on to the castle in the city of Edinburgh, I am reminded of why I love it here. It's a city that embraces it's history and the reputation that it's built. Edinburgh knows what it is and plays on that rather than trying to shape itself in to something it isn't. It invites you in no matter who you are and encourages you to embrace your own skills and personality. It's a confident and bright city that makes it inviting to tourists and locals alike, tourists coming for the festivals and culture where locals are staying for the creative work and vibes in the city.

Vegetarian Eating in Dublin

In March I took a trip to Dublin, luckily it wasn't my first time there AND it is remarkably similar to Scotland so I was an absolute pro in finding places to eat in Dublin. However I had a mission, when I was 14 (we think) I had this amazing meal that I still say is the finest vegetarian dish I've ever tasted. My mission was to find that restaurant again with only one hint to go on: It was near or in the temple bar area.