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Visiting Cruden Bay

If you are visiting, or you live in, areas like Peterhead or Aberdeen you should make your way over to Cruden Bay. It's a 15 minute drive from Peterhead and you can get there by car or bus. Once you get there there is parking which is only a short walk from the beach and the walk up to Slains Castle. Once you're there you have a few options in terms of different walks you can take. 

You can take the walk up to Slains Castle to see the ruins and get great views, this is probably the most popular one due to it's history. Although it was originally built in a different location the original Slains Castle was destroyed in 1594 and the "new" Slains Castle was was established in around 1597 after The Earl Of Erroll returned to Scotland. The ruins we see are from the rebuild by Aberdeen architect John Smith who was commissioned by William Hay, 18th Earl Erroll.  In around 1895 Bram Stoker was in the area and it's said he may have been a guest as Slains. Although it's not confirmed, it;s said that Slains Castle was Stokers inspiration for the castle in Dracula.

You can also take a walk on Cruden Bay Beach which goes on for around 2 miles. If you visit on a windy day you can see people parasailing. This is a great walk if you have a dog because everyone with a dog in Cruden Bay walks their dogs on the beach, also a lot of people travel to take their dogs and families here. This is an extremely picturesque beach so take your cameras!

You can also venture up the cliffs for a windier trail. This is good for a quieter walk and fantastic for a nice romantic walk as the views are spectacular. You can even see Slains Castle from a different angle. Once again, take your cameras because you will get stunning photos from up here. Also take your boots because this trail is often muddy. If you're walking your dogs up here, make sure you have a lead for them because cliffs are really dangerous.

Another walk you can go on, if you're looking for something a little shorter, you can stroll along the harbour and take a look at all the boats sitting there.  Of course there is also the option of golfing at The Cruden Bay Golf Club. This is a very popular gold course, so you should definitely book in advance.

If you're looking for a drink/some food you can make your way to The Kilmarnock Arms Hotel where you can have a break and chill out for a bit. There are also a couple of shops where you can grab a sandwich and benches nearby.

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