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My Experience in Dublin Central Inn

My mum and I booked a trip to Dublin to see Flight of The Conchords (which was sadly cancelled, but that's a different story for a different time). We wanted to stay fairly central so that we would be able to get about easily for plenty of attractions. We chose The Dublin Central Inn  because it seemed to be the best price and quality combination for the area we were booking in.

When we arrived we were surprised to see that we had been booked in to a room with 4 single beds instead of 2 single beds as we had only booked a twin room so we were very impressed with the size of the room. As a first impression the size was good, and it looked clean enough, but there was a smell of smoke lingering. It turns out the window had been left open and our room was right above the smoking area, this wasn't that great, but only a tiny niggle in a great room.

The bathroom was also bigger than expected and looked fairly modern. Everything was fine in the bathroom apart from the bath was a little bit dirty when we arrived. The sink plug also got stuck so we were left with water not draining from the sink when washing our hands. We told the front desk and they fixed it promptly. There was hand soap, shampoo, body wash and clean towels provided so overall we were impressed with the quality of the bathroom.

When arriving the staff were friendly and helpful directing us well and even helping us find vegetarian restaurants nearby and advising us on which areas we should avoid in terms of expensive shopping and food. They did everything they could to make us feel comfortable and help us enjoy our stay. The staff overall were great.

Breakfast was a different issue. Although I am a fussy eater so don't read *too* much in to what I say. I found the vegetarian selection to be minimal, there were hash browns and scrambled eggs, but the scrambled eggs looked disgusting so I stuck to hash browns. Overall this was a poor experience and I would have expected a lot more from such a popular hotel given that we spent an extra 9 Euros each for it. I'd rather have eaten out where I would have had more selection. 

We only stayed for 2 nights, so I can't advise too much more, but the overall experience was fantastic. I would recommend it to people looking to stay right in the center of Dublin, but maybe eat breakfast out.

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