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My Experience in Dublin Central Inn

My mum and I booked a trip to Dublin to see Flight of The Conchords (which was sadly cancelled, but that's a different story for a different time). We wanted to stay fairly central so that we would be able to get about easily for plenty of attractions. We chose The Dublin Central Inn  because it seemed to be the best price and quality combination for the area we were booking in.

How To Eat Alone Without Feeling Awkward

If you're a solo traveller, you're probably going to find yourself in the position of eating out in a foreign country alone. Admittedly this sounds really daunting, but in reality it's really not that scary, in fact I recommend it. It's empowering and, in my experience, you can even make new friends or hear about a new or hidden awesome place you can go visit whilst you're there. Below I share my top tips to feeling less awkward when eating out alone.

How To Prepare For Long Bus Journeys

As is inevitable with travelling you're probably going to find yourself burdened with a long bus journey to get from A to B. Initially 12 hours on a bus seems very daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you prepare correctly. A lot of my journeys are done by bus, one time even getting the bus from Aberdeen to London which was around 12 hours this is because buses are often the cheaper option so when travelling on a budget can be the best option.
Below I share my top tips for getting prepared for a long bus journey.

Visiting Cruden Bay

If you are visiting, or you live in, areas like Peterhead or Aberdeen you should make your way over to Cruden Bay. It's a 15 minute drive from Peterhead and you can get there by car or bus. Once you get there there is parking which is only a short walk from the beach and the walk up to Slains Castle. Once you're there you have a few options in terms of different walks you can take.