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Vegetarian Eating in Glasgow

Although we didn't have many meals in Glasgow the ones we did have were amazing. As a vegetarian I am always careful about where I eat because in the past I've ended up watching my partner eat a meaty meal whilst I sat hungry and just in general I know I'm quite a fussy eater so it's always a stress having to read the menu before going to any restaurant.

Our first meal in Glasgow was in Las Iguanas with a friend. Mexican is normally a good shout as there is always plenty of options for veggies and the food is delicious. I had nachos with guacamole, Black bean and guacamole tostada (is it obvious I like guacamole?) and for dessert I had churros (gods magical creation of a dessert). The food came out really fast and was delightful, as always.

In the evening we went to Panevino which is a cosy and authentic Italian restaurant you should definitely check out. Not only do they have good choices for vegetarians, they're also inventive with their food and very reasonably priced. You can find their menu here. I can't even begin to describe the taste sensation I had when eating the gnocchi alla sorrentia. It's genuinely one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. My partner had red mullet which I will also put a photo of below because it looked amazing. 

The dessert I had at Panevino was just as good. I had a profiterole that had chocolate filling instead of cream and I basically went in to a chocolate coma afterwards. It came with a side of raspberries (Always good) and a small chocolate milkshake which my partner ended up having because I was absolutely stuffed!

The last meal out we had was at Tony Macaroni and was a huge disappointment compared to the other meals we had. It was a pretty generic and unimaginative menu and although it had vegetarian option they didn't really take my fancy. It's our fault for booking in to a proper chain restaurant, but I couldn't even bring myself to photograph the food. We were disappointed with the service there and will not be returning.

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