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The Best Bars In Aberdeen

If you ask people in Aberdeen where the best bars are they'd probably tell you Slains or Revolution or equivalent. However a lot of these places can be overcrowded and "studenty" because they are so popular. The other thing with these bars is that you have less option for cocktails and craft beers. Below I share my favourite bars in my home city.

Revolucion De Cuba
Although often noisy, definitely a great starting point for a night out. Rev De Cuba serves tapas (which is delicious, by the way) which is great to line your stomach and they have very inventive and tasty cocktails. The atmosphere here is fun and you'll have a great time no matter who you're with and what you're there for.

The Craftsman
This is my absolute favourite bar in Aberdeen and probably the one I visit the most. There is always a great selection of craft beers and other alcoholic drinks, but they also serve a variety of different coffees and coffee beans. The Craftsman is somewhere you can take both your alcoholic friends and your T-Total friends and have a great time either way. They hold a pub quiz on the first Monday of every month and are dog and child friendly. I would 100% recommend this place.

Lane7 is a fairly new place in Aberdeen and close to The Craftsman. It is situated right beside Vue and is a bowling place that happens to have a bar. It mixed bowling, ping pong, pool and other games with food and alcohol which is surprisingly a seamless combination. 

AKA The Vodka bar. There are many reasons I adore this place. Flavoured vodkas, board games, decent prices cocktails, well thought out food. This bar is amazing. This one can get busy, but it's still worth going for the atmosphere. Don't forget to pick up a loyalty card when you're there because you can get £20 for £10 and believe me, they are more than worth £10.

You've probably never seen this one as it's based beside 6 Degrees North instead of the center of town. During the day they sell records and serve food, and by night they just have the bar. Although often quiet, the music is ALWAYS on point, the staff are friendly and just in general it's a really relaxed and lovely place.

6 Degrees North
As stated above, this is right beside Spin. It's roomy, has a great atmosphere and also serves really great craft beers (according to my partner, because ew). This is great for meeting friends on a weeknight or if you want a quieter night out.

The Tippling House
Based on Belmont Street The Tippling House is a bit pricier than your average bar, but believe me it is worth it. The staff there are so friendly and will make any cocktail you want. The cocktails here are so inventive and the staff are so knowledgeable about their art. It's open until 2pm most nights and it great for going at the end of a good date. It's probably my favourite romantic bar in the city.

Casc is across from The Carmelite and serves craft beers, a variety of whiskeys and in general they bring in alcohol other bars wouldn't bring in. They are now dog friendly, always relaxed and great for intimate group outings. For me, I prefer this bar on weeknights as it's quite a small space I find it can be claustrophobic at weekends.

So those are the bars I recommend if you're ever in Aberdeen. Do you have a favourite bar? Comment below and tell me.

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