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Quirky Places For Lunching In Aberdeen

Although Aberdeen isn't an obvious travel location a lot of people end up here with work or visiting friends. As it's my home town I feel obligated to share some of the nicer, quieter and quirkier places in the city. I understand what it's like coming to Aberdeen for the first time and seeing the dull granite everywhere and not being able to afford anything so below I share the best places to grab a bite for lunch.

Books And Beans
This is a small, cute little cafe on Belmont Street. Not only can you get food and coffee, but you can also buy books, art and other things. It's one of the places that supports local writers/artists etc. and generally has a nice relaxed vibe. On top of that, they recently got free wifi installed - so you can go have a coffee and do your work at the same time.

The Craftsman
If you're near Union Square this place is definitely worth a visit. It is across from Union Square, it's dog and child friendly and has a good selection of craft beers/coffee. Their menu tends to be quite experimental and often experiment with vegan and vegetarian foods. Although it can get pretty busy at the weekend, it's generally a nice, relaxed place where you can sit and have a decent conversation or get on with some work.

If you're vegan or generally a healthy eater, this is definitely the one for you. Situated on Thistle street I definitely recommend giving this one a visit. Once again, they are dog and child friendly, the advantage Food Story has is that their table sizes are better for large groups, so if you need somewhere to have an informal team meeting, go to Foodstory. As with the other places above Foodstory has a relaxed environment and you'll feel 100% welcome.

I am cheating a bit with this one, as it's not technically a food place. Lane7 is next door to Vue cinema and offers ping pong, pool, bowling and retro games. This place is great for a lunch time relaxation break from work, or a great day off bar to go to. Although it does serve food and drink, the games are admittedly the main attraction. As it's fairly new to Aberdeen I'd suggest checking it out while it's still fairly quiet, because I imagine in a couple months time it will be jam packed all the time. 

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