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My Plans For Dublin

At the end of March I will be jet setting off to Dublin with my mum. We're going for the weekend to attend a Flight Of The Conchords concert, but will have a small bit of time to play with when we're there. This will be my third time there so I know the city pretty well so I'll probably venture a bit further than I have in the past.

If you have any suggestions of great things to do please tell me! I want to have the best short trip I possibly can and take my mum to really great places.

Temple Bar
This is an absolute must when going to Dublin. Yes, it's in tourist central, but hey I am a tourist and I enjoy a good party (and a few too many drinks). I think we'll probably head here after our concert on the Sunday as I want to get a lot done on the Saturday.

Dublin Zoo
If I can, I'd like to visit Dublin Zoo, it's something I've avoided every other time I've been in the wonderful city. I'm not the biggest fan of Zoos, but I do love animals and it seems like a nice thing we could do on Sunday during the day.

See "Art" at Gaiety Theatre
I'm not sure my mum would be as up for this one, but I definitely want to look in to it for the Saturday evening. I love comedies and it's supposedly one of the good ones to see on stage. I'm a fan of Yasmina Reza already so would be very interested in seeing more of her work.

Visit St Stephens Green
I've been there before, but it's always nice for a relaxing stroll, presuming we have good weather. As it's a good way to navigate yourself in Dublin (for me anyway) I imagine we'll be passing through it at least a couple times.

Jameson Distillery
I'm a much bigger fan of whiskey than I am beer so visiting the Jameson Distillery is of great interest of me. I've heard that it's a better tour than the Guinness one, and quite frankly I can't stand Guinness so I'd rather buy whiskey. 

Please give me more suggestions of what I can do whilst I'm in Dublin, I want to make the most of it.

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