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My Experience In St Christopher's Inn Berlin

As a traveler with anxiety where I stay can be the most important part of my whole trip. This is because it will become my "safe place" where I will know I can head back to if it all becomes too much for me. This means hostels can be quite risky for me, in a place with lots of people I don't know some of which don't speak the same language as me and I'm forced to co-habit with them for a number of days. 

This is why I am always careful as to where I am booking. For our trip to Berlin in November my partner and myself booked a private room at St Christopher's Inn situated on Rosa-Luxemburg-Stra├če above a Belushi's which is a bar. It's a great central location and literally right across from a U-Bahn (Berlin's underground). 

Reception Area
When we first arrived a got a little bit anxious checking in because the bar was super busy, but once I was in my room I was fine. I also couldn't hear what they were saying to me due to the noise from the bar so I think I'd prefer a reception area in a quieter space, but that's just a small niggle on my part. Other than that the receptionists working there were very helpful and friendly. 

Breakfast was included in the cost of our room so we got it every day. There was a great selection of cereals and various other bits and bobs we could eat. It was served in Belushi's and was a great start to eventful days. We never left on an empty stomach and felt very satisfied with our service.

The room itself was bigger than I expected and was very clean. It was really quiet which was surprising because it was a hostel. The mattress was so comfortable, like to the point that I got the best nights sleep I'd had for months. Heating wasn't an issue, it actually got too hot sometimes so we opened the window and that got it sorted.

Toilets were always clean and I really had absolutely no issues with them at all. There was one right beside my room which was great for those late night pee emergencies. 

Shower Rooms
Once again these were always clean and I had no issues with these at all. The water was always hot and the flow of the shower was so strong, it was amazing. I actually loved the showers - minus the other people being in the same room part, but that's just my anxiety talking.

Overall we had a fantastic experience staying at St Christopher's Inn Berlin and would definitely return on future trips. 

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