Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How To Make Friends In A Hostel

If you're a solo traveller on a budget then you're probably going to be staying in a hostel or two on your journeys, and solo travelling can be so lonely if you don't make friends during your travels. Below I will share my top tips to make brand new friends around the world in hostels.

Don't Underestimate Bathroom Conversations
This one might be more applicable to women than men, but the conversations I've had when washing my hands, doing my make up or getting ready for the showers are some of the best I have had. It makes it easier to ask to sit with them in the bar or breakfast area of the hostel because you're a friendly face to them now. 

Hang Out In The Bar
Although not all hostels have bars, the majority of them do or at least the ones I've been to. If you spend time hanging out at the bar you'll meet a large variety of people as long as you have the courage to speak to them - and trust me, they're probably in the same position as you so please talk away, you may regret it if you don't - alcohol is the best ice breaker of them all so this is possibly the best way to make new friends.

Ask To Sit With Them At Breakfast
As mentioned above it can be nice having breakfast with a friendly face. Once again not all hostels offer a breakfast service, but the majority do. It can be nice to talk about your plans for the day and even possibly find out you're doing the same thing and head off together. It's a great opportunity to add people on Facebook or get their phone numbers as you're in a relaxed environment.

Stay In A Hostel Dorm
As with the bathroom conversations being forced to stay in a confined space with others will force conversation and you'll meet wonderful people from all around the world. If anything it would be unnatural not to make conversation with the people around you. Human nature will kick in and you'll make really good friends.


  1. Powerful info, not only applicable for hostel but to any places as well, like beaches, restaurants and and schools


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