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Advice For a First Time Traveller

Travelling for the very first time is terrifying, there are so many things to remember and airports are so stressful, that's why I can appreciate people who are scared to travel. Flying on a plane can be so daunting, never mind going through everything else as well.

Don't Panic
Yes, this is a lot easier said that done, but if you start to feel overwhelmed or panicky just stop, take a seat and ground yourself. It's only stressful because you don't know what you're doing. Take a breather and your brain will calm down making it easier for you to find your way through airports and around a foreign city.

Get Travel Insurance
Although the hope is you won't need it, you may regret it if you don't get travel insurance. You don't want to be left with nothing if you lose everything. Insurance isn't that expensive if you look in the right places so research to find the best deal for you.

Don't Drink On The Flight
It might seem like a natural thing to drink alcohol to take away the nerves, but it will make you dehydrated and make the flight seem longer. If anything water would be better to drink because you'll be hydrated and have more energy when you land.

Carry Water Bottles With You
This will save you SOOO much money when you're walking about on holiday. If you carry your own water you'll make less stops in coffee shops for drinks because you need it. Although one or two coffee shops are nice for a rest you'll regret not taking water bottles with you.

Pack For All Weathers
The likelihood is that you'll be visiting somewhere with a different climate to your own meaning you can't predict the weather. Even if the forecast says sun, still pack for colder weather because you might find yourself freezing if you don't.

Don't Over schedule Yourself
You want to have a nice relaxing time on your holiday and not rushing around getting to the next place. Allow yourself a nice relaxing time and take breaks between activities. I think if I could live my first holiday again I'd schedule things for the morning, take a break around 3pm and schedule more for the evenings. It's important to rest or you'll be over tired and groggy.

Book A Walking Tour
If you can get your bearings early on in your holiday, you'll spend less time reading maps and getting lost and have more time to enjoy yourself. Feeling lost can make you feel disorientated and stop you from actually absorbing everything around you. It also gives you the chance to see the big attractions early on so you can explore other parts of the city.

That's my advice for first time travellers. If you have anything else to add please share your ideas below and help first time travellers.

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