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Why I Love Travelling

Why I Love Travelling

Up until 2017 I hadn't traveled much without my mum, so it scared me. I didn't know how I'd cope in a different country without the comfort of having my mum there with me. For New Year 2016/2017 I decided to travel to Dublin (from Scotland) by myself for the New Years Concert they hold there. My first journey outside of England or Scotland without my mum. It went smoothly for the most part and I had a really good time just being somewhere new and that's when the bug caught me, the traveling bug that wants me to be outside of the UK at all times waiting for the next part of my journey.

My love of travelling properly started in November 2017 when I went to Berlin with my partner. Not only did I go on holiday, but I went to a completely foreign country where people speak a different language and live in a different culture. I am hooked. Hooked to the feeling of spontaneity the unknown brings, to the feeling of excitement travelling somewhere completely new to you. Discovering new places, people and things. I came back from Berlin and basically started planning my next trip the same day I returned.

I think part of my love of travelling comes from my mum who also loves travelling and always made sure I had a holiday growing up. She took me to many different places and let me experience new cultures and I really think it's shaped me as a person to be less judgmental and more open to new experiences.

The planning aspect of travelling also makes me love it. I enjoy getting paperwork together in to folders and checking all the times work out, making sure we have enough money, sorting accommodation. I love all of it. It's quite sad to say that I possibly enjoy the planning more than the actual travelling. There's just something so satisfying about getting everything sorted and knowing you won't have to stress out when you're there.

In 2018 I have Dublin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and possibly Bruges to look forward to and I literally can't contain my excitement as I start to plan them. My trip to The Netherlands will be the first time ever that I go to many cities in the same holiday and the thought of travelling between the different cities and seeing all the scenery on the way makes me so happy. Also the general planning is keeping me going when I'm down.

So that's why I love travelling. Do you love travelling? Why? Share your stories with me below in the comments section!

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