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What To Pack For a Holiday

Going on a holiday and lost at what to pack? Don't worry, I'm here to help! Below I'll share what you should pack for your holiday and what to consider leaving behind. Whether it be a sunny holiday in Spain or a winter holiday in Berlin I'll guide you on what to pack.

Yes, this is an obvious one, but what kind of clothes should you pack? My advice is to check the weather of your destination and then still pack for other weather. If the forecast shows sunny then pack lighter clothes, but also 1 set of warmer clothes just in case. It's generally a good rule of thumb to pack lighter clothes when on holiday anyway as you'll be walking a lot more than you would be normally which can cause sweat. I also tend to pack 1 dressy outfit in case I end up in a fancy restaurant.

Remember to pack any medication you might need. You don't want to get there and realise that you've forgotten your migraine medication or inhaler. Triple check you have enough to last you the entire trip as well because the only thing worse than forgetting your medication is running out half way through the holiday.

Travel Adaptor
Depending on where you're heading, a travel adaptor will be essential to getting your phones charged, hair straighteners working etc. I would definitely get these before you start your journey as you'll be more expensive buying them at the airport or any tourist shops.

Travel Toiletries
Shampoos and other toiletries will also be more expensive to buy in the airport. I'd suggest buying travel sized toiletries before heading off because you might not be able to find a local shop that sells them when you're there.

Important Documents
This includes your passport, boarding pass (if printed out at home), bus/train tickets if applicable, travel insurance details, confirmation of your hotel, paperwork for any excursions etc. Ensure you have everything backed up with a paper copy in case anything goes wrong and you can't access your emails to prove you've made a booking.

So those are my tips for packing for a holiday. What do you pack? Any advice to add? Comment below!

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