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I Hate Flying, but Love Travelling

Flying absolutely terrifies me. I'm not sure if it's my sore ears or the fact that I'm in the air, but it really does scare me. It's that moment just before take off when the plane has just started moving and I've more than aware that I can't turn back now. It may be a fear of the unknown, going to a new place and feeling helpless. It might be knowing I'm not in control. It honestly could be anything. When I went on holiday with my partner he fell asleep before we took off and I actually shook him awake so he could hold my hand because I was genuinely getting heart palpitations. Unfortunately for me flying is an essential part of travelling the world so I'm going to have to get used to it. 

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The thought of my destination helps me get through it though. I even flew to Dublin by myself for New Years Eve 2016 and actually ended up enjoying the flight when I was unexpectedly sitting one seat behind a good friend. Sometimes all you need is a bit of good company to stop the panic. The weird thing is that I love being on buses, trains, cars etc. because the excitement of adventure takes over my body and I totally relax. On Planes, however, I go in to a state of panic and find it really difficult to relax.

Travelling fuels me. Not as much as writing does, but pretty darn close. I want to experience every piece of new land/culture that I can, I want to visit places I've only imagined in my dreams and meet local people, eat at local restaurants. I want to experience real culture from around the world. Up until 2017 I didn't even have a passport, now that I do I don't plan to settle. I want to visit so many places and believe me, I will. My fear of flying will NOT stop me from gaining new experiences and seeing the world.

Now that I have someone to travel with everything seems a little rosier, and flying feels a little bit easier. It definitely helps having someones hand to hold. The alternative is alcohol and we all know how that could end up.

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My wanderlust will have to wait a while before my next trip, but I'm off to Dublin in March and Rotterdam in May so I think I can cope until then. Both are flights that I WILL get on because the reasons for going are far too exciting to pass up. 

On The Flight From Berlin to Edinburgh

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