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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are a once in a lifetime opportunity to go anywhere you've always dreamed of going with your other half, it's a way to rest away the stress from organising your wedding and get to know your new spouse even better. Deciding where to go can be really hard, especially if you want to make it super special, or deciding whether a city break or a peaceful countryside break would suit you better. Below are my top 10 honeymoon destinations for newlyweds looking for an amazing trip.

How To Book The Cheapest Flights For Your Holiday

The most frustrating part of a lot of holidays is realising that your flights are going to cost you a lot more than you expected and the cost takes over the majority of your budget meaning you have to scrimp and save on every other part of the holiday, including your accommodation. I've already written about saving money on your holiday, but I haven't written about how to book affordable flights because I wanted to do some proper research on it before giving advice.

Sooz Kempner: Super Sonic 90's Kid - Edinburgh Fringe Review

Sooz Kempner (not a difficult name to spell...) brings us a 90's nostalgia hour that people of *most* ages can enjoy even if they weren't 90's kids because of Kempner's descriptive skills. Talking us through her childhood obsessions, Sonic The Hedgehog and Les Mis, and traumas, Watership Down and My Little Pony: The Movie, we get taken on a journey of self discovery in which Kempner talks to her 13 year old self and her alter ego to find out if she's gotten the "good ending" in her life. Spoiler Alert: She's not doing bad...

How To Survive The Edinburgh Fringe

The busiest time for Edinburgh has got to be the Fringe. It can be overwhelming for locals and tourists alike with the busy crowds, street performers, people stopping to take photos (this happens everywhere) and many other things. With a large selection of shows to see it's vital that you can make the most of your time at the Fringe and don't shy away due to the negative things surrounding the festival. There is something for everyone at the Fringe, so please make the effort to go even if it's just for a couple days.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Edinburgh

With the growing popularity of different diets, I have always stuck with vegetarianism. It's what I know, it's what I like and it's how I live. This means that everywhere I travel I like to find the restaurants that have the very best options for me and my friends no matter what their diet. Edinburgh has to be one of the easiest places to find restaurants that cater to all, particularly vegetarian/vegan restaurants. This is presumably because they have so many people visiting the city at all times of the year. If you're heading to Edinburgh soon, get yourself to these restaurants for great food.

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Long-haul flights can be daunting, in fact travelling can be hard at the best of times for nervous travelers or first timers, but long-haul flights can feel like absolute hell for those who don't know how to cope with them. The thing you want is at the end of the flight, not during it; no one actually wants to do the flying so your flight should be a place to relax and look forward to reaching your destination, not a stressful, anxious hell ride. 

If you're heading on to a long-haul flight soon read my tips below on how to survive it without being bored senseless or stressed to the max.

The Absolute Must-See Things To Do In And Around Inverness

If you're visiting Scotland any time soon then you should probably put Inverness on your list of places to visit because it is full of charm, history and things to do - it's also pretty picturesque, so bring a camera! Popular among tourists for the famed "Nessie" Inverness offers so much more than just cryptids, but also boasts being the largest city and the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands.

The Best Things To Do In Stonehaven

Stonehaven is a small harbour town in Aberdeenshire, only a 28 (ish) minute drive from Aberdeen. Stonehaven has become famous for the spectacular New Years Eve celebrations they put on, they perform an ancient fireball ceremony where people swing fire blazing balls above their heads to ward off evil spirits, and as with any New Years celebrations, there is also a lot of alcohol consumed making it a great experience. 

Although great in all weather, Stonehaven is best when you get a lovely sunny day because it has an open air pool and the seaside to explore. There are a range of different ice cream shops and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and a drink. I highly recommend fitting in some time in your schedule to visit Stonehaven because it's a really cute little town which has more than meets the eye.

Must-See Places You Absolutely Must Experience In Rotterdam

Rotterdam sits in the southern part of The Netherlands and is the second largest city in the country, after Amsterdam. Due to the bombing in WWII Rotterdam was almost completely wiped out meaning that all of their architecture is fairly new and interesting. The photos you'll get because of this are so symmetrical and futuristic meaning your Instagram will be off the hook. 

There is so much to do in Rotterdam and around every corner you will find something different to do including many bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs. Rotterdam even boasts one of the best bars in the world, De Witte Aap. After visiting Rotterdam in May 2018 for #Traverse18 (which was amazing by the way) I am absolutely in love with the place, and you will be too if you visit these places.

How To Tackle Homesickness When Abroad

If you've moved abroad or have been travelling for long periods of time you may suffer with homesickness. It's quite a natural thing to go through, especially if your entire family are in a different country to you, it can be as simple as missing your mum, or your local supermarket, but it can be fought. I personally experience it quite a lot when I am travelling because I am in "unknown territory", but I have developed strategies to help me cope when abroad that seem to work. So below are my top tips to combating homesickness when you're abroad.

My Experience in City Hub Rotterdam

So our trip to Rotterdam didn't go 100% to plan, and we actually ended up in Rotterdam a day earlier in planned from The Hague so we had to book last minute accommodation for the night and boy did we absolutely luck out with what we booked. We managed to book CityHub Rotterdam which is a somewhat futuristic hostel that makes everyone feel welcome. I would definitely recommend a stay here if you're in Amsterdam or Rotterdam because I've never felt so comfortable in a hostel before. And it's not just the hostel itself, but the way it is run and the "hosts" employed to keep everything running smoothly.